Dripping beadsYears ago, a friend who was a gifted bead artist sat me down, handed me a dish of beads, a needle and bead thread, and tole me to create.  That first necklace creation was very elementary, but I still wear it occasionally.  I was hooked.

Over the years, I’ve continued to bead for both the satisfaction it gives me to create wearable art, and for the need it fills in me to be able to make something from start to finish in a finite amount of time.  I enjoy all aspects of beading, from buying them (an obsession), to reading about them (also an obsession), to learning new techniques, and networking with the community of beaders both locally and on-line.

The Bead Society of New Jersey is one that I am privileged to be a member of.  It’s a place where beaders from all over New Jersey (and a few from NY and PA) gather monthly to share ideas, techniques, talent and conversation.  Because we recognized it would be a shame not to share all that talent, information and resources, this blog has been born.

I invite you to share your on-line finds, your favorite books, bead artists, resources and tips.  And to learn more about our group, beading, and more.


Donna Steinhorn, Beader at Large