Getting Yourself Out There

Here are some suggestions for getting your beadwork out there and getting some name recognition. These are a few off the top of my head – I hope others will add to this list.

1. See if your local library has a showcase. Libraries love to have something different. I will write a more detailed article about setting up a library display at another time.

2. Donate a piece of jewelry to a charity auction. Your PTA, your church, or another charitable organization will be glad to get a nice piece of jewelry for their auction, door prize or silent auction. Be sure to put information with your piece about it, and, of course, include your contact info. This is good PR, and can be tax-deductible.

3. If you have school-age children, give their teachers gifts of jewelry. It doesn’t have to be costly or elaborate, but I know I received many commissions from my children’s teachers, as well as a from other teachers and staff members who saw the pieces.

4. Give a home party showcasing your jewelry. I hope to expand on this idea later as well. If you have suggestions and tips for home parties, please e-mail me.

Well, that’s a start – please contact me with any other ideas you might have.

One Response to “Getting Yourself Out There”


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