Suzanne Hye’s Work Featured on New Product

Beadsmith has a new product in the works – “Silverline.”  Silverline is a knitted wire which comes in gold and silver color and different thicknesses.  It can be braided, shaped, embellished…there are lots of possibilities!  In fact, Beadsmith has agreed to provide us with Silverline for a future meeting where we can all play with it.

Some months ago Beadsmith sent me some Silverline and asked me to play with it.  I came up with a few ideas for it and brought them into Beadsmith to show them.  A few weeks ago I got an e-mail with an attachment of the new packaging for the product, and my projects and my name will be appearing on the packaging!  It’s very exciting for me.

Silverline Packaging

Silverline Packaging

2 Responses to “Suzanne Hye’s Work Featured on New Product”

  1. Donna Steinhorn Says:

    Congratulations Suzanne…beautiful work as always!

  2. Susan Magielnicki Says:

    Oh how exciting Suzanne!! Congratulations! Product seems to have endless possibilities.

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