Your Chance to Win 800+ Pounds of Delicas!

(Thanks to member Mary Alexander for this hot tip!)

A very creative bead artist named Gini Farnham has decided to close her online bead store. She is selling chances to raffle off all her beads. The winner receives her entire store stock of 11/0 Delicas (EVERY COLOR, including the recently discontinued colors) as well as some larger Delicas and Japanese seed beads.

Somebody just did the math on Gini’s inventory list. Gini’s stash is over *800 POUNDS* of delicas in every color including the discontinued colors.

People can join together in groups to buy a single raffle ticket. Then they get to divide the stash any way they see fit.

If Gini doesn’t get at least 100 participants, everyone will get their raffle ticket money back.

Everyone who enters the raffle will receive an additional gift from Gini: free access to her vintage photograph collection. These photos are copyright free (recently this included more than 66,000 photos and still counting.)

Here’s the link to her webpage:, where she has posted the entire inventory of stock included in the auction, and describes the raffle process in more detail.

The contest will end at NOON Eastern Time October 18, 2008 with the drawings for the Grand Prizes to be held at that time.

Gini’s contest is real and honest – Suzanne Cooper’s newsletter #110 included a link to Gini’s site.

Why is Gini selling all her beads? Like many of us, she is trying to balance a full time job with her personal life. Hers has a few extra challenges. Her two year old child has Downs Syndrome. Gini has just had a stroke. she can still work and take care of her family, but feels it’s time to let go of the online bead store.

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