How Many Beads in a 16″ Strand?

Here’s a handy chart! (these are approximates)

2mm = 203 beads

3mm = 136 beads

4mm = 100 beads

6mm = 67 beads

8mm = 41 beads

10mm = 41 beads

12mm = 34 beads


Even Count Tubular Peyote Beadwork tutorial

 Since we’re going to be beading bottles for the Bottles of Hope project at our next meeting, I thought I’d post this tutorial on even count tubular peyote for those who want to practice one technique before the meeting.  Enjoy! 

Beading 101 — Bead Stringing

Remember that first beading project I mentioned…it was a simple basic bead stringing project.  There are multiple resources, from videos to books, to free online tutorials.  One I found that I particularly liked is this animated explanation  Produced by: Kathleen Versteeg at the Department of Educational Technology: San Diego State University and taught by Instructor: Elsa Tapia